Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Spring is in the air

Well , Miss Artsymama, it's finally done! Your little Spring Mosaic Egg and Nest is on it's way today. I hope you like it!!!
I'm thinking I need to make one for me now! But, first, I must paint my youngest daughter's room today. She's actually in California at Disneyland right now with friends for Spring-Break. She has a birthday coming up....the big 15! She's been begging me to redecorate her room forever now and I just haven't had the time and this will be the 3rd re-do in 6 years, but I was thinking I could maybe surprise her with a redecorated room for her return. I think she may just like this birthday present! I think she's looking for the Junk Gypsy look. I hope I can pull together enough time to pull this off! Wish me luck on this will ya :-)
My Lady Banks Roses are in bloom! Sooooo Beautiful! We had a lot of freeze damage in Arizona this winter, so everything is looking a little brown and sad. But not this beauty! She's reminding me that Spring is here and oh, of course, the temps are in the 
80's and 90's right now. I LOVE IT!!!! My Favorite time
of the year!!!!

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