Monday, March 26, 2007

Final Pictures of room re-do

Hello Everyone! So sorry to be gone so long. This last week I have been swamped at the SAMA conference. I had very early mornings and very late nights, but I had a blast!! I met some of the most amazing and talented mosaic artists. It was sooooo fun chatting with someone who has the same interests as you do. AND talk about nice people!!!! These artists were awesome and generous!! Anyway, I can't wait until next year!! Although, I'm not sure I'll hold a coordinator position again, so I can have more time to play. If any of you are interested in joining SAMA, shoot me an email and I'll send you the info.

So, finally, I'm posting the final pictures of my daughter's room re-do. I purchased this vintage globe at the flea market. It's not in the final picture, as I bought it after she saw the room. She loves globes and I think this globe is just one of the final touches this room needed.

Next, another purchase from Ikea. I bought this chair awhile ago, but we finally just pulled it out of the box and put it together. I like the modern twist it adds to the room and it's very comfortable AND the cost was around $20!

Here is a vanity that has been in our family for several years. It actually belonged to my Great Grandmother. The finish on it had seen better days, so a couple of years ago I added this paint job to it. I really like the way it turned out and if my Great Grandmother were alive today, I think she would be happy to know that another generation is happily using it. As you can see, my daughter is currently using it for her laptop and printer, however, this isn't working out too well, as she also applies her makeup there. We're currently looking for a slim table, possibly a tall hall table to move the laptop and printer to.

Here is the photo of my daughter when she walked into her room. She wassoooooshocked and surprised.
Leopard bedding, of course. The little blue pillows in the background are another purchase from Ikea. They were a whopping 99 cents a piece!!!!!! The globe from above pictures, now sits where the fan is. I would've taken another picture of the room, but let's just say it's already a little messy. TEENAGERS!!! (I'll try to get her to straighten it up, so I can get a better picture).
I put the bed at a slight angle and hung the curtain rod across the ceiling for the dramatic hanging of the pink drapes. Notice, I still need to make the covering for the chandelier cord. It's going to be leopardas well.
She's pretty happy with her new room and Emma the pug, just wants to know what's in the pink bag.

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