Monday, March 12, 2007

Sometimes you meet the nicest people......

There is soooooo much work that goes into setting up for an Art Show or an Art walk that I truly do not like participating in them. Matter of fact, each month I say to myself and anyone listening that I'm not going to do this next month. Then I meet some of the nicest people that stop by and chat and before you know it, I'm signing up for the next month.
At the Chandler Art Walk last week, I met the nicest woman named Dayl. She is now the owner of this pretty little mosaic cake and a couple of mosaic cupcakes. She stopped by my house last week and poor thing, I about talked her head off! I tend to do that when I really click with someone. So now, I suppose I'll be at the Art Walk next month. You just never know who you'll meet.
Now I'm off to finish up something very cute for Miss Artsy Mama and of course there's all of that SAMA volunteer work that I'm drowning in. Talk to you soon my dears!!

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