Monday, December 11, 2006


Sometimes I like simple holiday decor. Just a few of the right pieces and you're done. I made the stockings from a vintage table cloth and vintage chenille beadspread. These stockings are just for decoration. The Real stockings (6 of them) will hang from the picket fence fireplace screen. We go totally overboard on filling the stockings. My kids (ages 14 to 22) even buy gifts for the stockings. I may make new stockings for this year, as they need to be bigger for all of the fun stuff that they get filled with. We have a Blast! :)
I made the Santa with his little chenille snow baby from vintage material last year. I really enjoy making holiday decor.....which is why I have too much! Oh well. And last but not least, Christmas decor would not be complete without Wendy Addison glitter stars.....Love them too!!!
Well, time to go grout the mosaic cupcakes. I will be posting the cupcakes I have done to my website tomorrow (Monday). So, make sure you take a looksie and get yourself a one-of-a-kind mosaic cupcake :-)
Take Care!!!!!!

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