Friday, December 22, 2006

Early Christmas Present

So, since I had to drive to central Phoenix yesterday to deliver the mosaic mirror, I thought that I should treat myself and stop in at some of my favorite places. One of my favorite junk places is Q-Cumbers....and it is junky!! Well, look what I came across. This beautiful aqua piece of furniture. I called my husband, who works just up the street, and said I found my Christmas present. Boy was he relieved! I make him crazy at Christmas time, because I always say that I don't need anything or I say just get me some junk. Cuz I like JUNK!!!!! :) I told him that there was no need to wrap it. I'll just pretend that it isn't there. (yeah, right)
Then, I stopped into one of the most beautiful boutiques in Phoenix called Melrose Vintage. I love this place!! It's pretty pricey, but ooooh the eye candy!! They have the most beautiful displays. I'm thinking about asking them if they would carry a few of my mosaic items. We'll see. Anyway, while I was there, I picked up these Wendy Addison glass glitter letters. I'm glad I did too, as they told me that they're being discontinued. So, if you want some, you'd better get out there and get them. I also picked up some beautiful scrapbook paper and I'll show you later what I'm doing with it. I got the idea from the boutique and it is FABULOUS!!! Well, time to get busy. I still have lots to do for the holidays. Take care!

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