Saturday, December 16, 2006

More Holiday Decorations

So, I thought I'd share some more holiday decor with you, as I scramble to get the mosaic mirror done. Tsktsk, rush, rush!! Anyhow....I'm a big fan of Patience Brewster and her Krinkle's line. I first saw her, years ago, in MaryEngelbreit's Home Companion. I am a big fan of whimsy, so of course, I fell in LOVE with her creations. The Fairy Princess and the Poinsettia Girl are from her line. I'm also a big fan of Season's from Cannon Falls. They sell the wares of Wendy Addison, Nicole Sayer, Tracy Porter and many others. The snowman, bottle brushtrees, and the little red bird are from Season's and the little cream colored star is a Nicole Sayer. I just LOVE it ALL!!! So much FUN!!!
Well, I'd better get back to that mirror. I actually finished gluing it last night and now I need to grout it. Hopefully, I'll be able to share a picture of it tomorrow. It is adorable!
Until then,

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