Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Mosaic Mirror Finished

Here is the mosaic mirror that I've been working on. A client ordered it for her daughter's bathroom. Isn't it just lovely?!! These colors will go perfectly with the shower curtain that she purchased for the bathroom. The home that this mirror will be going to is absolutely "to die" for! The owners bought it awhile back and have been refurbishing it. When I visited, there was alot of construction work going on in the house, but you could already see how FABULOUS it is going to be.
I meant to post pictures earlier, but I've been busy Christmas shopping. Yep, I just started my Christmas shopping on Saturday. Yep, I can't believe it either!! (okay, yes I can.....this has happened more than once or twice before). I just get so caught up in creating stuff and the time just sneaks up on me. Then, my daughters will say "Mom, do you realize that Christmas is just 9 days away"? Yikes!!!! and Ka-Ching!!!! Boy did I drop the bucks $$$$! (Ouch!) I still have a few more things to pick up this week and hopefully I won't forget anything. I also need to pick up gifts for friends......I'll explain that one next time. Well, time to go, I'm trying to do laundry and I just realized that I'm out of Tide. (ugh) Bye! :) Michelle

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