Wednesday, February 28, 2007

More Cupcakes!!!

More Cupcakes!!!!
This colorful and fun cupcake is going to Miss Amanda in Nebraska!
I can tell from Amanda's email that she is one Great Mama!!
She wanted her cupcake to read
"More Cake" as it is what her little boy said one day in a low little growl that made everyone laugh. She also lovingly refers to him as little monkey, hence the name on the back of the cupcake. I designed the cupcake from one of Amanda's personal art pieces that she has posted on her blog. She is a wonderful artist!! Enjoy your cupcake Miss Amanda!

This lovely cupcake is going all the way to Massachusetts!! Carol says that the letters in the cupcakes remind her of the baby bracelets that hospitals used to give to newborn babies.
What a lovely memory!!!
Carol is also a very talented artist!! Check out herwebsite!! Enjoy your cupcake Miss Carol!!!

I have been soooooo busy this last couple of days finishing up my mosaic dog piece for Red Dog Art Gallery. I have to turn it in tomorrow. It's about complete (you know me....last minute) and I'll share pictures in a couple of days.

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