Thursday, February 1, 2007

Fascination with Pink

I have a fascination with Pink and with Angels and with birds and with nests....oh and the number 5......and the color green. Okay, I probably could go on and on, but today I'm sharing with you 4 out of the many, fascinations I have. This picture was actually taken in my downstairs bathroom. Notice the pink shower curtain matches the cute little pink bird, that is sitting on her pale blue glass eggs in a vintage glass dish (nest). When I was purchasing the fabric for this shower curtain, the lady cutting my fabric, asked me what I was going to make with this bright pink with silver sparkles sheer fabric. When I told her a shower curtain, she looked at me like I had lost my mind. But this fabric was just what I was looking for and the price was great too ($2 yd). You see, my home decor is anything but typical or standard. It is usually over-the-top and very whimsical. When someone walks into my home, I don't want to hear, did you by that at _____? I want there to be lots of eye candy. Lots of little treasures tucked into every little corner. My friends often say that they never see everything while they're here and that's just the way I want it.
Another one of my fascinations is, like I said, Angels. I made this little Angel a couple of years ago. I adore her. I'll share more of this bathroom, sometime soon, but for now I must go prepare for my Girlfriend Valentine Party that I'm having tomorrow.

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