Thursday, January 18, 2007

More anthropologie knobs

Here are the other knobs I bought at Anthropologie the other day. I love this dusty pink color.
I put them on this antique dresser that is in my bedroom. At one time, I rented a space at an antique mall and I had this dresser for sale there. The dresser actually had different pink knobs that I had also purchased atAnthropologie. Then a horrible thing happened. I went to check on my space and the knobs were gone! Yep, someone stole all 6 knobs! I had had other things stolen there too, but this was too much! The amount of time it must have taken someone to actually unscrew all 6 knobs....well, I felt that the security just wasn't too great and I gave my notice and packed up. I just don't know how people live with themselves when they steal from others. They probably put those knobs on a dresser of their own and I just wonder when they look at them or use that dresser do they have any guilt? It just boggles my mind.

Anyway, I'm glad this dresser finally has new knobs again.

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