Thursday, January 11, 2007

Here I am

Here I am. Sorry to be gone for a little while. I've been very busy cleaning and organizing my studio. What a mess!!! I want a window added to my studio for more natural light and my hubby said he would put one in, but FIRST, I must get it cleaned up and organized. You see, he's very Type A and let's just say.....I am not. My mess makes him crazy. I do, however, keep my house very clean, but when it comes to my work area....well, I just seem to work better in a mess. I have a little sign that hangs in my studio that a friend I used to work with gave to me and it reads: Creative People are Rarely Tidy. So True, except in the rest of the house! I like a clean house.
Anyway, I've also been really busy with some medical stuff that's happening in our household right now. Nothing too serious, but surgery is in the near future. Bummer!
So, here's a simple mosaic step that I'm sharing with you as I finally grouted it today. I finished the mosaic on this step a couple of months ago and am just finally getting around to finishing it! This mosaic came about as an unplanned project. I was finishing up another project and had a lot of left over mortar and didn't want to waste it, so I grabbed some scrap tile and glass marbles and covered this step. The step is in my flowers next to the vegetable garden. Did I mention that I love to garden? Well, I do and probably more than I like to mosaic! Maybe my next job will be as a Master Gardener...... hmmm

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