Thursday, November 30, 2006

Celebrate with Cake!

Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!! I made the deadline and just by the seat of my pants!!! Can you say stressed?! Why do I do this to myself? I think I'm an adrenaline junkie :) Even though I had the time crunch, I had a blast making this cake! This is much more fun than real baking! I'm thinking of cupcakes now....wouldn't that be so cute?! I met with a new client yesterday and I'm going to be making a mosaic mirror for her little girl's bathroom. Fabulous cottage colors in the bathroom which should make for a Fabulous mirror. Of course, I'm also thinking I've got to get my inside Christmas decorating done. I have people coming over on the 9th....and I can't let them down. There will be pink trees and white trees and....glitter, got to have glitter. I told my client that I would have the mirror done in 2 weeks and I always come through. I'm just hoping I don't get too distracted (like I usually do) and have a time crunch attack again. We'll see. Well, time to get busy....and another "YAY"!!!!! I met the deadline!!! :)

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